Property finding
from A to Z

Buying a house in Italy can be very tricky for foreigners. Before you sign a document, you have to think twice.

Just one example: making an offer in Italy, is not just showing some interest in a property with the intention to buy. In Italy this is already the first official step of the acquisition process. In other words, before you do so, it is of extreme importance to be correctly informed about all legal, fiscal, financial, architectural and cadastral aspects of the property.

How do we work?

  • We are at your side throughout the complete journey of the acquisition.
  • To start, we set up a meeting and carefully listen to all your wishes and dreams related to finding that unique property you wish to acquire somewhere in Italy.
  • We turn your real estate desire into a project, through an in-depth interview to fully understand your needs, expectations and preferences, so that we can identify and map the DNA of the property you have in mind, taking into account not only the type of property with all the possible types of characteristics, but also the nature of the location, the value and the facilities of the neighbourhood, the budget, the fiscal and economic aspects, and the timeframe to be respected.
  • We only present you with opportunities that are in line with the criteria we have established together.
  • Once one or more suitable properties have been identified, we visit them first. We always go and visit the houses before you see them, to find out whether the descriptions and pictures on the internet correspond with the reality.
  • We invite you to come to Italy when we have further shortlisted the properties of which we know they could be a good match.
  • Only when we find properties that truly correspond with your wishes, do we plan your visit so that you only lose a minimum of time and can keep the cost to travel back and forth to Italy to a minimum.
  • When the property is to your liking, we will begin the urban, cadastral and fiscal in-depth studies, and we set up the commercial negotiation in order to proceed with a hassle-free purchase.
  • We handle the negotiation process with the owner or agency, and assist you until the very end so that you can conclude the deal without having to worry about legal, technical, urbanist and bureaucratic details that are part of the process.
  • We can also rely on a network of professionals to make sure every aspect of the process is taken care of in a most trustworthy and secure way. Therefore, we work together with local partners such as lawyers, notaries public, architects, contractors and so on.

Renovation services

The 100% perfect property may not exist. Property close to perfection usually is extremely expensive. You may choose to save money by buying property that still needs a certain degree of renovation.

Be it a new kitchen or bathroom, an extra room, a terrace or a swimming pool, everything is possible. As such you can turn an affordable property into a dream location completely in line with your wishes. That long wanted new kitchen of your preferred brand or the bathroom in the right colours and materials. But again, we all know this can be very time consuming, because it requires a lot of follow-up and being capable of speaking the local language. 

Therefore, after you have become the proud owner of the property, we can also assist you with the restructuring of the house, and even the practicalities involved with respect to organising your move to Italy.

Furthermore, we have a dedicated network of partners that are specialised in every different aspect of real estate renovation and upgrading.

How long does it take to find the perfect place?

A typical search assignment with us, on average, takes approximately 6 months. This is obviously dependent on your requirements and desired locations.

After the intake, we immediately take action and scrutinise all the opportunities the market offers.You lose a minimum of time. While we seek your property, you can continue your professional activities and dedicate your spare time to what matters most.

We search for you and we will constantly update you on the progress of our search.

Because the nature of our work is tailor-made, we only work for a maximum of three clients simultaneously, in order to provide a personal service of very high quality, focussed on successfully completing this assignment. For this reason, we also have to make a strict selection among interested customers.